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More information about Forster Eye Surgery.


Forster Eye Surgery is a purpose built facility which aims to provide world class eye services to the Great Lakes and Manning regions.   Our priority is to offer our patients a full range of ophthalmic services in a pleasant, efficient and polite environment where we realise your time is as valuable as ours.

Established in 1993 we have grown to offer an extensive range of diagnostic, laser and surgical services.  Our specialist doctors are all fully accredited members of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology and have extensive training in Australia and overseas.  All have had papers published in peer reviewed literature and have presented both in Australia and overseas.   Surgical equipment designed by our doctors has been patented and is now marketed world wide.  Subspecialty interests of our various surgeons include cataract/refractive, glaucoma,  retina (incl. macula and diabetes), oculoplastics, inflammatory eye disease and ophthalmic  paediatrics.

Surgical services are offered on site in our comprehensively equipped Operating Theatre and at numerous local hospitals including Forster Private Hospital, Mayo Private Hospital, Manning Regional Referral Hospital and Gloucester Memorial Hospital.   We are also affiliated with iLaser Newcastle and so can offer EXIMER and other refractive corneal procedures.

We have a wide range of diagnostic services including objective and subjective perimetery,  digital retinal photography,  anterior segment photography,  fluorescein angiography,  optical coherence tomography (OCT- anterior and posterior),  and corneal topography.  We were the first in Australia to offer objective perimetry and the first non metropolitan centre to offer OCT which has become the recognised standard of care for macular disease.  Finally we also offer a limited consulting service in Gloucester.

We offer on site Argon, Selective laser and YAG laser services and through our Newcastle iLaser affiliation an extensive range of EXIMER refractive laser services.  We perform both pre operative assessment and post operative care for PRK and LASIK patients treated at iLaser.

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